In our claimant surveillance assignments we function to maximize our value to you in the field in efforts to conserve costs.   We cart an array of effectual and up-to-date devices for documenting claims fraud inside public locations.  The recorded media is a fast moving and ever improving technology.  It is our duty to you, the client, to ensure that you benefit from these regularly upgrading advancements on your surveillance.  Furthermore, we utilize up-to-date delivery methods to expedite your video evidence to you electronically if required. 

As the claims professionals may know, surveillance is oftentimes a practice of unknowns.  We combat losing a claimant during mobile pursuit with experience.  We boost productive outcomes in interviewing neighbors with circumspect and sociable staff.  We defend your exposure by understanding and respecting the claimant’s rights to privacy.

Our surveillance reports are narrative, and read quickly for the busy claims professional.  Only valuable information relevant to the claim makes it to the report.  It is not repeated and peppered throughout the report and is clearly marked.  Our reports will not apprise you of the exact time we contacted local authorities to advise of our surveillance, but you’ll certainly know when your claimant was first observed.  You’ll feel that our reports are competent to a specific claim and not generic to another surveillance case. 
You had questions and required surveillance on a claimant, we should now have a report that serves to answer those questions. 

Additional services include:

Less expensive than surveillance, Activity Checks can divulge general neighborhood-known information that could help determining claimant activity and the need for additional surveillance.

Also called Background Investigations, this service pulls all information identifiable to the claimant from online sources and local city/county indexes.  Records Checks can serve to target specific information needed or pull any information found.     

This type of investigation mines the claimant's identifiers for online activity and social network subscriptions.   

A service also effective when a witness cannot be found.