You don't want just anyone out on your surveillance assignments.

In the day-to-day of claims management, it can become easy to forget that surveillance can be a highly sensitive matter – until the wrong person is engaged in the endeavor.  Inexperience, ill-understanding or unsuitable personalities will surely lead to unethical and ineffective surveillance practices.  Simply put – we conduct our surveillance investigations with respect to the claimant's rights to privacy – and that means a lot.  

We strive to ensure that the collected video evidence is relevant to the objectives of our assignment and palatable for court.  Also, we have learned the value in maintaining and securing original video documentation in this digital age.  Unfortunate to the industry, this is an area where so many other investigative companies regularly fall short. 

Plaintiff’s attorneys will do well to know that we enter into each assignment without bias to the people we investigate.  It is absolutely imperative to our clients and to the value of our collected evidence that we remain an independent witness.