"We have worked hard at remaining small."

Braxton Harrison Investigations is an investigative boutique specializing in insurance defense investigations and surveillance.  We claim “boutique” due to our controlled size and our unique approach to our industry.  Our vision is to deviate from the larger “organization-driven” company model for a more confined "individual-driven" model.  As the independent owner and operator, I have found this approach to be personally rewarding and that it imparts individual reliability to our discerning clients. 

Cream rises to the top – and since 2001 our company has found proactive and resourceful surveillance operators who are the tried-and-true best in the business.  As such, we have found it greatly rewarding to exist as our client’s trusted “surveillance guys".  We experience growth organically, through referrals and word of mouth.  This is (and how we have always) marketed our services.  It is our firm belief that excellence in this particular field cannot be mass-produced, but arises from the individual.

We hear it all the time.  New clients come to us when they are tired of the uninvolved investigations they consistently receive.  The clients can't put their finger on it – they just feel like “more could have been done”.  This is where we excel.  Our clients trust that we are out on their cases and are proactively brainstorming their file in efforts to minimize cost and maximize evidence acquisition.

There are many large investigative companies with a revolving door of surveillance operators that operate in Georgia/Alabama/South Carolina.  We are not one of them.  We are a personality-based investigative agency and we specialize in investigations for insurance defense.

 Trust us – you'll see a difference.