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Not being a large company, we can easily see that we spend most of our time performing this sensitive function for our clients – and over the years we have gotten pretty good at it.  Most insurance defense investigative companies that have been around for any length of time should grasp the fundamentals of surveillance.  As an insurance professional, you've seen them before… 

  • conduct pre-surveillance investigations

  • collect clear, relevant video

  • be equipped with hidden cameras 

We grasp them, too.  Additionally, we have found ways to offer improvements on each touchstone of surveillance to maximize effectiveness to our savvy clients.  

     Activity Check Investigations

Lastly, it should also be mentioned that Activity Check Investigations are utilized as a cheaper resort to developing information regarding a claimant at their current (or past) residence.  As most insurance professionals know, Activity Check Investigations are the on-site interviews of the claimant's neighbors regarding the claimant's affairs.  This type of investigation can be a cost-effective strategy to gather claimant information and may actually reveal that surveillance is nonessential.  In these types of investigations, our defining difference comes back to our individual-based outlook to the industry.  After working with us, you will find that we have the tact to conduct these interviews with the utmost in circumspection and with careful attention to the clandestine nature of the assignment.  We have the specific personality to do so.  It happens often – the integrity of the larger risk mitigation effort suffers from a revolving door of inferior investigative staff missing social nuances in the field.  The result – the claimant becomes aware of your investigation and governs his actions accordingly. 

     Pre-surveillance investigations and social network canvasses

It is fair to say that most adept surveillance agencies conduct them.  Our approach is that all pre-surveillance investigations endeavor to confirm the claimant's residency as the foremost determination.  All other data comes second in advancing the investigation.  The obvious benefit here is simply saving the client money.  Also, over the years we have settled on a diversity of particular database providers to produce a very complete picture of the claimant prior to initiating the first day of surveillance.  We have found that though many investigative companies do conduct the requisite database search, it is limited to one provider. 

In the year 2014 any pre-surveillance investigation should include a thorough online search to see if the claimant is active in virtual networks and communities.  Any publicly accessible accounts held by the claimant are then methodically reviewed for any information that could benefit the surveillance endeavor.  Our clients do not have to ask us to conduct a social media investigation when they assign surveillance.  We conduct such investigations in tandem with all surveillance assignments as a matter of course.    

     Hidden Cameras

Today, with the general public carrying the ability to record video at the drop of a hat, a professional private investigator should be able to distinguish himself by the video he is able to collect.  Unlike our competitors, we carry back up hidden cameras for prolonged documentation inside public locations.  Furthermore, we carry only the foremost camera/DVR for the job.  Our camera features hidden indicator lights that reaffirmed when the device recording.  This removes any of the guesswork that traditionally accompanies collecting hidden camera footage.  The camera itself records in full color at 720p high-definition resolution and is perfect for distinguishing details in dimly lit rooms.  Just as with our conventional cameras, our professional pride has long brought us to seeking the best hidden video equipment available.